CAMSED is excited to announce the election of our Executive Committee for the 2021 Michaelmas Term!


Aïda-Léna Ndiaye

Aïda-Léna NdiayeAïda is a current MPhil student at the Centre of Development studies. She recently completed her undergraduate degree (MA) in Economics and Management at the University of St Andrews. Her research interests include the role of culture and institutions in creating sustainable and equitable development, but she also has particular interests in nutrition and health, especially pertaining to the African continent. Aïda has experience in conducting research on sustainable energy provision in West Africa, in advancing women’s empowerment through her time volunteering at various NGOS, and in researching various aspects of nutrition and health for a medical practice.

Ella Rechter

Ella Rechter worked for two years in the UK civil service on a range of policy areas before beginning the MPhil in Development Studies. She holds an undergraduate degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and has work experience in NGOs based in Cairo and Beirut. Her interests lie at the intersection of democratic engagement, digital technology and urban development.


Andrea Komova

AndreaAndrea is a MPhil student in Development studies, focusing on the relationship between data, technology and society as well as on the socio-economic development of Central Asia. She received her MA in Politics and Central and East European studies from the University in Glasgow, worked for various NGOs and international organisations (such as the EU) and throughout her professional life has been deeply focused on empowering young female students. She stands behind many Slovak student initiatives and is secretly a tech geek.

Editor in Chief:

Grace Smith

Grace SmithGrace is a current Development Studies MPhil student. She previously completed her undergraduate degree in history at University College London, focusing on the intersection of gender and society in the Old Babylonian period in Mesopotamia. Her interests lie in the impact of gender and education on development in Afghanistan and the Middle East, as part of which she helped co-found an educational website for children in Afghanistan in the Dari language.

Outreach and Communications Officer

Simonna (Shimeng) Li

Simonna LISimonna is a current student in MPhil in Development studies. Having participated in the Fudan International Development programme and the United Nations Global Compact, she developed a fascination with the Global Value Chain approach and inclusive capability building. Built on her previous engagements in various international fora, in Cambridge, Simonna started to explore the socioeconomic impacts of low carbon innovations in Southern Africa. Generally, her research interest lies in global technology diffusion and holistic indigenous development.


Jeremy Lim 

JeremyJeremy has worked in public policy for 5 years before joining the MPhil in Development Studies program. During his tenure at the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development, he has worked on issues ranging from energy policy to electoral studies to Malaysia’s indigenous peoples. His research interests are political economy and capitalist development in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. He is also secretary of a history research project, Imagined Malaysia, and a writer for the youth collective, Malaysia Muda.

Podcast Host

Severin Baker

Severin CAMSED Website PhotoSeverin Baker is currently a student on the MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on border violence and the role of the state in the criminalisation of migration. Severin also has experience in non-profit organisations, including working with asylum seekers and refugees in Thessaloniki.

Podcast Researcher/Analyst

Katie O’Neill

Katie O'Neill HeadshotKatie is a MPhil student in Development Studies. She completed her undergraduate in International Relations at Claremont McKenna College in the US, during which time she conducted research on gender quotas for national legislatures in Latin America. She has worked for non-profits in Morocco, Switzerland, and the US. Her research interests include gender mainstreaming in political institutions and generating sustainable economic opportunities for women. 

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