The Cambridge Arab Society and CAMSED will host Professor Mohamed A. El-Erian, a leading economic advisor and one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers for four years in row. Prof. El-Erian is President of Queen’s College (University of Cambridge), Chief Economic Advisor to Allianz and a member of its International Executive Committee, a Financial Times Contributing Editor and a Bloomberg View Columnist. He formerly served as CEO of PIMCO, chaired President Obama’s Global Development Council and is the author of the best-selling book: “The Only Game in Town: Central Banks, Instability and Avoiding the Next Collapse.”

Prof. El-Erian will be interviewed by Cambridge graduates, Yehia Amin (MPhil ’16 Economics) and Dina El Shenawey (MFin ’20), to discuss the impact of Covid-19, Brexit and the Biden administration on the global economy and financial markets as well as:
1. His views on post-Covid economic recovery path,
2. Lessons learned from the responses to the current pandemic in both developed and developing countries,
3. His expectations for the Biden administration.

The event will take place on Thursday 4th March at 18:30-19:30. It is free of charge, and can be accessed using this Zoom link:

Attendees will have the opportunity to take part the Q&A session on Zoom but can also submit questions in advance:

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