What is the process of post-conflict reconstruction in Mogadishu, Somalia? How does a development researcher navigate the intricacies of their positionality within the spaces of their research? How can development researchers approach the politicized production of knowledge in the Horn of Africa and other areas of the global South, and contribute to more equitable epistemological production? 

In our pilot episode, the Cambridge Development Podcast is joined by Surer Mohamed, a final year PhD student at the University of Cambridge, and co-host of the award-winning podcast, On Things We Left Behind. Surer illuminates her perspectives on our questions from her research and personal experiences in the post-war reconstruction in Somalia. 

  • The ownership, not only legally but also emotionally, of urban space and life post-conflict
  • The need to emphasise the co-constructed rather than extractive nature of knowledge in field research
  • The importance of providing a space for narrative and valuing individual accounts in pursuit of deeper understandings in academic work
  • The role of nostalgia and political memory in imaginings of what a reconstructed state or city should look like post-conflict

This episode is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcasts!

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