The Cambridge Society for Social and Economic Development (CAMSED) invites you to the first of a series of seminars on The Future of the Neoliberal Society. Professor Ben Fine will speak for roughly 45 minutes before we open up for questions and discussion.

There are many different ways of understanding and defining neo-liberalism, and many identified, generally negatively perceived, consequences of neo-liberalism. These have become so wide and varied that even some of its fiercest critiques have declared that neo-liberalism does not serve as an adequate concept. So how are we to define neo-liberalism in a way that explains its persistence over a period now as long as the “Keynesian” post-war boom, its great diversity and, last and not least, its resulting in the current global crisis. An answer is found in the role played by financialisation, something which is itself highly diverse in depth, scope and impact. And the prospects for neo-liberalism, and the struggle against it, equally depend on those for financialisation.


University of Cambridge, Sidwick Site, Lecture Block, Lecture Room 2.


Thursday, January 22th, 17:00hrs.

Click Here for the → Event Facebook Link. See the Event Poster Here. Hope to see you all there!

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