Key speaker: Professor John Dunn, Emeritus Professor of Political Theory at King’s College, University of Cambridge.
Discussant: Professor Peter Nolan, Director of the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge.
Date: 10 of May, 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 13.00 – 14.30 hrs
Location: Room S1, 1st floor, Alison Richard Building, Sidgwick Site, University of Cambridge

This seminar aims to analyse democracy within the context of modern politics and political discourse. It will probe fundamental questions, such as the following: why has democracy evolved into the dominant position in today’s political discourse? How does the Washington Paradigm or liberal democracy try to interpret the concept of democracy under global capitalism? How would other nations and civilizations – countries like China, India or Russia – respond to such discourse?

Professor Dunn will critically analyse democracy and its ascendancy over all other polities in contemporary political theory. Democracy has long held pride of place in political discourse. However, we need to unveil its seemingly justified superiority and to challenge its dominant position as an institution; for, the rise of democracy does not necessarily entail to its legitimacy.

Please Click Here to Download the PDF for More Details

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